Do you say "Hello", do you say "Hi", or do you use an alternative?

The english language has so many ways to use when greeting people. Some are more casual than others, some more formal, and some would be discribe as "slang language". It all depends on the situation, and the person you are meeting. Each language has its very own way to say "hello", and of course the English language is no exception...

Here is a list we have put together to guide you through those many ways and when it is appropriate to use them or not.

Casual ways

Hey or Hi

Both can can be used in the same context as "hello". "Hi" can be used when you first meet someone, as supposed to "Hey" which is only if it is someone you already know.

"Hey" is also used to call someone's attention.

How are you doing?

Casual way to say “how are you?”. To be more polite, use “how are you?” Otherwise, you can use these expressions to greet almost anyone.

What’s new?, or What’s going on?

Informal way to say “how are you?” mostly used to greet someone you already know.

Good to see you or Nice to see you

Used among friends, and family, especially if you have not seen them for a while.

Business and formal ways

Good morning, Good afternoon, or Good evening

Formal ways of saying “hello”, which change depending on the time of day.

Nice to meet you or Pleased to meet you

This is a polite and formal way to greet someone you are meeting for the first time. If you are seeing them again, you add the word "again" and turn it onto, "nice to see you again".

How do you do?

Very formal way of greeting someone, usually replied to by the same expression.

Slang English Greetings

Very very formal ways of greeting people and should only be used among friends.

Are you OK?, You alright?, or Alright mate?

Casual way, which is usually responded to by, "alright", "ok" or "fine".

17. Hiya!

Short for “how are you?".

This was our list of ways to say "Hello", they are of course many many more ways to greet someone, and if you have any suggestions please do suggest them to us.

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